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You were sent on a special operation to steal an enemy's secret weapon blueprint. After what you thought was a successful mission, you saw that the enemy was chasing you back to Earth. Now the fate of the galaxy in your hands! Become a hero by destroying all enemies☠️ and deliver this blueprint to your base! This is the only way to destroy the enemy's mothership and protect Earth!

Galaxy Hero features:
- Addictive arcade gameplay;
- 10 spacecraft;
- 8 powerful weapons;
- Collect galaxy credits by killing enemies to unlock new fighters and shield upgrades;
- Survive as long as possible;
- Reach the end to enter the top🏆;
- Compete with other players;
- Free casual game!

Galaxy Hero: Be the Best if you can!

Hope you guys will like this game. Feel free to contact me in case of any issue/query/suggestion at nechyporukandriy@gmail.com


2d, addictive, against, space, fighter, arcade, attack, avoid, casual, chance, collect, collide, dodge, emp, energy, escape, family, fast, final, increase, missile, mode, objective, score, shield, shoot, simple, stars, survive, time, unlock, upgrade, cannon, gun, rifle, leaderboard, achievements, vfx, effect, explosion.


Galaxy_hero_025_np.apk 37 MB

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